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Whether you're looking for someone to strengthen your team's communication skills, an outside investigator to get to the bottom of things, or a diversity expert to review your company's Affirmative Action Plan (AAP), I can help.  With six years experience in the EEOC, I've seen plenty of work places, both the good and those that need some work.  I'm current on the ever changing labor case law and can be the expert your company needs. 


​2009 - 2015


Investigate individual charges of employment discrimination involving possible violations of equal employment opportunity laws based on EEOC guidance, case law precedent, and employment discrimination theories such as disparate treatment, hostile work environment, quid pro quo harassment, employer liability, intersectional discrimination, sex plus discrimination, mixed motive, sex stereotyping, Cat’s Paw theory, occupational steering, and failure to accommodate.

Produce and present training concerning developing areas of employment discrimination law for fellow investigators and groups outside the agency.

Identify and investigate systemic allegations of disparate impact discrimination involving use of conviction records, unemployment status, prohibited medical inquiries, collection of genetic information, Equal Pay Act and Title VII wage cases, testing, referrals, advertising, reductions in force, and qualification standards.

Research and analyze pertinent social science reports and statistics such as Chi squared tests, EEO-1 Reports, expected values based on protected class availability from U.S. Census labor market analysis, inferential statistics using sampling, statistical significance of selection procedures using applicant flow data, and aggregate data from multiple facilities where individual variances are not statistically significant.

Recommend determinations after analyses of evidence, statistical data, and witness interviews.

Formulate new approaches to investigation based on emerging case law particularly case law where the EEOC has not succeeded, or in keeping the EEOC’s strategic enforcement plan.

Value and negotiate settlements on behalf of individuals harmed by employment discrimination including those allegations and policies involving multiple individuals.



Human Intelligence Collector/Interrogator

2004 - 2008

Non-Commissioned Officer with a deployment in support of OEF in


Afghanistan. This has given me valuable questioning and investigation


skills, as well as experience in inter-agency cooperation, and


management of a diverse workforce.



Key Positions: Platoon Sergeant, Equal Opportunity Sergeant, Squad

Leader, Military Detention Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge


Managed Tactical Detention Facility including establishment and


implementation of a standard operating procedure, creation of a


database of over 2000 individuals including biometrics, and supervision


of human intelligence collectors.


Coordinated external and internal training for over 100 soldiers


ensuring accurate and thorough planning was provided and key


leaders were briefed.



Researched and presented equal opportunity briefings.


Supervised the administration office at the Company level including


initiating pay disputes, rating and reviewing subordinates, and advising


senior leaders on staffing issues.

University of Southern California

1998 - 2002


Graduated with 3.5 GPA, earned Presidential Scholarship, National Association of Secondary School Principals Scholarship, and Band Scholarship

Thematic Option Honors Curriculum

Studied with the Annenberg semester in London, UK including extensive travel throughout the UK and Ireland

USC band trip to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest



University of Southern California



​Graduated with 3.38 GPA while both a rower and full-time marching band member.

USC Band trips to Hong Kong to participate in the Chinese New Year celebrations 2003 & 2004

Master's Thesis: Political Engagement in 18 to 25-year-olds (Millenials)


Professional ​
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Microsoft Office Suite

Forensic Interviewing



Project Management

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